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    Message from Director of Education


    Hello and welcome to United Private Schools of Oman. We are the largest provider of private education in The Sultanate.

    We are immensely proud of our students and staff. During the past academic year, we have placed second out of 200 schools nationally in the National School Quiz competition. We also regularly win the majority of prizes in Tajweed competitions. 

    At IGCSE level, we are proud of our 94% A*-C pass rate in English and the fact that more than 80% of our students being offered scholarships at universities in the UK, USA and across Europe. 

    Our school leaders are regularly called upon by the ministries to lead training and professional development for government school colleagues. 

     Every country, around the world is currently facing the same challenging question: How do we provide the next generation with the skills they will need to be successful in the 21st Century whilst maintaining their cultural identity? In other words, how can we help our children adapt to new challenges without losing the very characteristics that make the Omani people unique?

    This fundamental question lies at the core of our purpose at UPS.

    By developing 21st Century skills such as resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and collaborative learning, we use teaching methods that are proven to work and reflect the way life-long learners approach opportunities and challenges. We focus on the child as a learner and help them to assimilate the barrage of information available in the modern age. This includes learning in real-life scenarios and also making lessons engaging and interesting. Our bilingual Arabic/English curriculum takes some of the best practice around the world and brings it to life. Parents have access to state of the art technology to keep track of every aspect of their child’s school experience.

    Underpinning our methods is a constant respect for Omani culture. We aim to produce good Omani citizens who will shape the future of the country and keep it respected on the world stage. Subsequently, we aim to produce leaders.

    Parents choose our school for 2 reasons: our excellent English programme and our traditional cultural values. I encourage you to visit our school so you can see these in action for yourself. One walk around our campuses will reflect that we respect our country’s traditions and our commitment to creating an Oman by Omanis and for Omanis.

    Charles Morris

    Director of Education