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    United Private Schools is characterized by its presentation of international programs and curriculum, while preserving Omani values and ethics, focusing on Arabic and Tajweed. Also the school offers a special program for developing mathematical skills (The Math Genius) and science skills (Mad Sience).

    United Private Schools are bilingual schools that have a special assessment and they are not committed to special education tests, except in Grade 12.

    United Private Schools apply the British national curriculum (NC) from kindergarten to grade 6 in English, Mathematics and Science. Assessment at these stages is based on the achievement of the goals expected of the student at each educational stage. Schools also apply Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) for reading and each student depends on his level and ability to read and evaluate accordingly. The rest of the curriculum is the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, and the United schools have specialized in the implementation of the program of the Math Genius mathematics, and science stage, programs to develop scientific and sports skills for students in the same period from kindergarten to sixth.

    The 7th and 8th grades apply Cambridge programs for English, Mathematics, Science and Computer subjects. Students sit the Checkpoint test at the end of the eighth grade. Based on the results of this test, students are distributed follow two courses of study: IGCSE and the Ministry of Education curriculum for Bilingual schools. The IGCSE students sit international tests at the end of Grade 10. The students then move to the General Education Diploma programme in the eleventh and twelfth grades and the 12th grade students sit the General Education Diploma exams.

    The assessment at the primary level, from the first to fourth grades, is based on continuous assessment. In grades five to eight 60% of the grade is based on continuous assessment of the year’s work and 40% on the final examinations, which are held twice a year at the end of each semester. There will be a meeting with parents, so they can learn about the results of their children’s achievement.

    • There is a monthly assessment followed by a description of the progress of the student sent in the middle of each semester, followed by a meeting of parents with the educational body to discuss the levels of their children and the requirements of work to raise their level and refine their abilities.

    There are teachers from 32 different nationalities working at UPS. The focus is on the fact that the language teachers are native speakers or have studied and lived in Britain. The English language is mainly British English (British, South African and a few Arabs who have lived and studied in Britain.

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