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  • Senior Leadership Team

    Teaching Staff

    Step into the world of educational excellence with our Senior Leadership Team. Committed to realizing our school’s vision, our experts bring diverse expertise and dedication to every facet of our institution. Meet the talented individuals steering us towards a brighter future in education.

    Our Principals

    Ms Amal (2)

    Ms Amal Sulaiman Al Abri

    Executive principal
    • Diploma in school administration (2018)
    • Bachelor Degree in Arabic language (2007)
    • Masters in Arabic Literature (2013)
    • PHD in Arabic Literature (2014 -Present)
    • 5 years experience as high school teacher
    • 2 years experience as head of Arabic teachers
    • One year as vice principal
    • Principal (2017- 2021) United Private Schools.
    • Executive principal (2022- now) United Private Schools.

    Personal management
    Meetings management
    Conducting training courses

    Mohammed Al Moqbali

    Mr Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maqbali

    Bousher principal

    Diploma in teaching English (Teachers training college) 1994.
    Bachelor of Education TESOL (Leeds University, 2003).

    • English teacher (1994-2009). MOE
    • Senior English teacher (2006-2009) MOE
    • Supervisor assistances (2007-2009) MOE
    • Educational Supervisor (2009- 2016) Ministry of Education/ General Directorate of Private Schools.
    • Deputy principal (2016- 2018) United Private Schools.
    • Principal (2018- Now) United Private Schools.

    As a school leader, I pride myself on cultivating a positive attitude, prioritizing effective communication, and fostering a sense of teamwork within our educational community. My commitment to self-management and a perpetual willingness to learn drives continuous improvement in our institution. I apply critical thinking skills, resilience, and problem-solving abilities to inspire and guide both students and staff.I embrace the role of a leader, emphasizing respect for all members and a genuine appreciation of diverse perspectives. My contributions include delivering numerous impactful workshops for teachers and active participation in the Grade 12 Diploma exams writing committee, further enriching our educational landscape.


    Mr Grant Best

    Head of Primary
    • NPQH (Reformed Headship) (2023)
    • BSO Inspector (2023)
    • MSc BM(Fin) (2018)
    • PGCE with QTS (2001)
    • BA (Hons) History (1994)
    • Head of Primary (2021 – current) UPS Oman
    • Deputy Head of School/ Head of KS2 (2018 – 2020) GES Kuwait
    • Head of Year (2017 – 2018) UK
    • Science Teacher and Head of Faculty (2014 – 2017) ADEC Abu Dhabi
    • Year 6 Teacher and Head of House (2011 – 2014) GES Kuwait
    • Primary Teacher Year 3 – to Year 6 and Subject Manager (2001 – 2011) – UK

    Embracing the GCC’s educational landscape since 2011, my journey has been marked by a variety of teaching and leadership experiences. Over 2 year period in Kuwait, I served as Deputy Head, leading a dynamic KS2 department of 32 teachers and 784 students. Prior to this, a 3-year tenure in Abu Dhabi saw me at the helm of a thriving Cycle 2 Science Department of 14 teachers and 1100 students. Currently, I’m seizing the opportunity at UPS to lead the Primary school, embodying my unwavering dedication to fostering educational excellence.Throughout these roles, I’ve demonstrated a flair for school improvement, spearheading staff development initiatives. My approach is deeply rooted in data-nuanced strategies that align with impactful stakeholder communication. Just as my leadership style resonates with proven theories of effective instruction, I’m poised to extend these principles to cultivate a nurturing environment for both students and the school community.Moving forward, I’m resolute in my commitment to harness my experience and expertise to empower educators and enhance learning experiences. By driving collaborative efforts, embracing innovation, and fostering a culture of growth, I am poised to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of students and the entire school community.


    Ms Kalthoum Khalladi

    Head of Secondary
    • NPQH (2017)
    • MA Education (2012)
    • PGCE with QTS (2005)
    • BSc Computing and Multimedia Technology and Education (2004)
    • Head of Secondary (Aug 2022 – Current) UPS Oman
    • Deputy Head of School (Aug 2018 – 2022) Doha Academy, Qatar
    • Acting Headteacher (Dec 2018 – July 2018) IGS, UK
    • Deputy Headteacher (Dec 2011 – July 2018) IGS, UK
    • Acting Headteacher (Apr 2010 – Jan 2011) IGS, UK
    • Teacher of ICT, Quran, PE (2005-2010) IGS, UK
    • Director of Al Fajr Supplementary School (2007 – 2022) Al Fajr School, UK

    My teaching career commenced officially in Madina, Saudi Arabia, in 1991, where I began as a Quran Teacher. Since then, I have continuously alternated between teaching, learning, and educational leadership. My professional journey has been enriched with a diverse range of teaching and leadership roles. During a span of seven years in the UK, I had the privilege of serving as Deputy Head/Acting Headteacher and later as Headteacher at a prestigious secondary school in London. In 2018, I returned to the Middle East and assumed the role of Deputy Head of the Secondary Section at Doha Academy in Qatar. Presently, I am dedicated to leading the Al Khoudh branch of the Secondary Section at UPS.

    Throughout my educational odyssey, my resolute pursuit has been the acquisition of the most contemporary knowledge and skills for effective educational institution management and the delivery of exceptional learning experiences. I firmly believe in the holistic development of students, where academic excellence harmoniously coexists with strong moral values and well-being. My ultimate aspiration is to inspire every student to strive for positive change and growth, and I am wholeheartedly committed to nurturing today’s students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

    Mr Hamza

    Head of Curriculum
    • MSc Islamic Banking & Finance
    • BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Computer Science
    • PGCE Leading Learning & Teaching

    I began my journey at UPS as a Maths Teacher in 2013. I have been able to take on various leadership roles focussed on improving the educational experiences for our students. My qualifications and training not only empower me to lead on curriculum, but enable me to nurture both the academic and personal growth of each student.My teaching philosophy is a fusion of traditional Islamic values and contemporary educational techniques. More than simply aiming for academic excellence, I focus on fostering qualities like discipline, respect and compassion within each student. I view education as an all-encompassing journey that prepares individuals to make positive contributions to society.Additionally, I use a data-driven approach to educational leadership. Through careful use of metrics and analytics, I am committed to fine-tuning our educational methods and curriculum. This ensures that our programmes are not only emotionally engaging, but also intellectually challenging.

    Ms Fouzia Khan

    Deputy Principal

    I am currently the Deputy Principal of our Boushar Branch. I have been with United Private Schools since 2016, during which time I have been the Deputy at Al Hail Primary and the acting Principal for Azibah Branch.

    I come from London, England, with over 23 years of teaching experience, of which 15 are at management level. I see myself as a visionary thinker and inspirational leader with evidence of bringing about whole school improvement, relentless commitment to raising standards and belief in lifelong learning for pupils and adults.

    My specialism is the curriculum and assessment and I have experience in the National Curriculum 2014, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and The Cambridge Curriculum. Isuccessfully prepared for countless OFSTED inspections and monitoring visits; initially as a teacher and part of the school leadership team and then most recently as the Headteacher, in the UK, where I took a school on ‘Special Measures’ and in less than 6 months, secured a ‘Good’ from OFSTED.

    At the heart of my leadership style is a focus on excellent communication skills. I strongly believe partnership between school and home is crucial. As a Headteacher, I gained an overall experience of how to provide a nurturing environment, in which staff are valued and appreciated, pupils feel included and are able to take part in an enriching learning experience, and where parents can feel confident about sending their children.