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  • Parent’s Agreement

    We believe that we, parents, are the primary educators of our children and that our involvement is major factor in success at school. Therefore, we shall strive to:

    Administrative Rules:

    1. See that student arrives on time and is present except in the case of illness or family emergency. Communicate with administration for any absence of the student.
    2. The school does not take any responsibility for students staying on the premises before or after school timing.
    3. Parents must present for any appointment with the academic staff. He/she will not be allowed to make another appointment if it has been missed three times.
    4. Parents are ONLY allowed to take a tour in the school if they have prior permission.
    5. Cooperate and support the school to achieve its’ goals to raise the standard and to teach solid values etc.
    6. Provide the student a healthy meal and avoid all kind of soda, chocolates, chips, etc.
    7. A parent takes the responsibility for any accrued damages on the school’s possessions.
    8. No makeup classes if for unacceptable absence.
    9. Parents must use the contact book effectively be responsive to all comments made by the school.

    Students Affairs:

    1. Students have to follow rules and regulations of the school.
    2. Students have to wear uniforms at the school.
    3. Student have the responsibility to keep themselves (including their hair) clean.
    4. Students caring for their environment and looking after the school materials and property as if they are their own
    5. Medical certificate is required for any illness absence.
    6. It is prohibited to bring any kind of electronic devices including mobile phones or other items to the school.The right to take possession such items.
    7. A Student is committed to bring his/her school supplies.
    8. It is prohibited to bring any of Illegal drugs, tobacco, etc.

    Transportation Rules:

    1. Students must be waiting for the bus on time in the covered place. Bus wait for students not more than 3 minutes.
    2. Students shall obey the driver and the supervisor. Students shall respond promptly to instructions given.
    3. Students shall follow all safety instructions.
    4. Students must treat bus equipment as they would the furniture in their homes.
    5. Communicate with the bus driver in advance for any absence of the student.
    6. Students must wear the seat belt.
    7. Inform the school administration for changing the student’s address
    8. The school has right to take any failure to follow rules and regulation.